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SoKeto - Be Keto Be Happy - Prodotti chetogenici e low carb

Low carb Keto tagliatelle 2.5gr carbo

Low carb Keto tagliatelle 2.5gr carbo

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(100g pack)

Our low-carb SoKeto Tagliatelle, strictly produced in Italy, are absolutely suitable for a healthy eating style with few carbohydrates, i.e. only 2.5 g of which only 0.5 g of sugars per portion.

They are excellent for the whole family, suitable for the ketogenic style, for a low-carb diet, for athletes and for all people who want to taste and enjoy pasta without feeling heavy and bloated.

: For a ketogenic recipe, prepare them with clarified butter, cream, salmon and pink pepper.

Cooking times: 6/8 minutes but you can feel the cooking from the 4th minute and if you like you can sauté them in the pan together with your favorite sauce.


Modified wheat starch, wheat protein, acacia fibre, wheat fibre, pea protein, egg white powder, emulsifiers (mono-and-diglycerides of fatty acids, sunflower lecithin), thickener (guar gum)

May contain: lupins, soy, milk

Power 290 Kcal

of which saturated fatty acids
4 g

2 g

of which sugars
5 g

1 g
Fibres* 45 g
Proteins 36 g
salt 0.54g

*Determined according to AOAC method 991.43

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