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KIT 7 days Easy Ketogenic Diet with Keto and Low Carb SoKeto Products

KIT 7 days Easy Ketogenic Diet with Keto and Low Carb SoKeto Products

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This is a 7-day kit for your Ketogenic Diet that will be really easy thanks to our very low carbohydrate products.
To help you on your ketogenic journey we have included pasta and other ketogenic products, sweet and savory, in this 7-day kit, to cover all phases of the day, from breakfast to dinner including snack.

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The 7-day Ketogenic Diet Kit contains various ketogenic and low carb savory and sweet products:

  • 500 grams of ketogenic and low carb short/long pasta
  • Keto Bread 250 gr
  • 1 pizza base of 170 gr
  • Keto sesame seed bun (2 pcs x 60 gr)
  • Ketogenic Brioche (2 pcs x 50 gr)
  • Vanilla Ketogenic Muffin (2 pcs x 50 gr)
  • Ketogenic Cocoa Muffin (2 pcs x 50 gr)
  • Keto Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread Cream (300 gr)
  • Keto gluten free breadsticks (3 pcs x 30 gr)
  • Lasagna Bolognese Keto and Gluten Free only to be heated for 1 minute in the oven/microwave 150 gr
  • 1 Blonde/IPA beer “0 Sugar Gluten Free” 33cl Craft Beer Craft Beer

Keto beer

This Belgian craft beer, which we have chosen for you, with its fine and clear foam, fruity and persistent aroma, is not the usual golden beer in a top-fermented bottle.
It is an inviting and modern product, " Sugar Free " and Gluten Free , which allows gluten intolerants and diabetics to finally drink a good glass of craft beer.
Ketogenic and Low Carb products, only healthy and natural ingredients!
Good and healthy!

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