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SoKeto - Be Keto Be Happy - Prodotti chetogenici e low carb

Halloween - Vanilla Ketogenic Muffins (6 x 50g)

Halloween - Vanilla Ketogenic Muffins (6 x 50g)

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41% Good Fats |15% Proteins | 1% Sugars

50g low carb and protein ketogenic MUFFINS with 41% GOOD FAT, 15% PROTEIN and only 0.5g of sugars in each muffin with extra virgin olive oil.
Individually packaged in convenient single portions to be used anywhere, at any time of the day when you want something good and sweet without guilt!
Very suitable for those who follow a ketogenic style but also just for those who want to reduce the use of sweets.
Often used after dinner to dampen the craving for sweets.
Over 92% less sugar than the most famous sweet snacks and snacks.
Thanks to the fats and proteins contained, muffins allow you to get full very easily.
At any time of the day and in any place... office, gym, travelling, snack while studying...

SoKeto Ketogenic Muffins are the ideal low carb breakfast and snack solution for any type of diet.
When you feel hungry during the day, for example mid-morning or as a snack, or as a dessert for lunch or dinner or to accompany coffee at breakfast: delicious muffins with only 0.5 grams of sugar... a must try!
If your problem is giving up sweets... now you can satisfy your sweet tooth thanks to our delicious ketogenic muffins!
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