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CHRISTMAS BASKET "Santa Claus" ketogenic and low carb

CHRISTMAS BASKET "Santa Claus" ketogenic and low carb

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The SoKeto "Santa Claus" Christmas Basket is an exclusive selection of ketogenic, low carb and gluten-free delicacies, perfect for celebrating the holidays in a healthy but incredibly tasty way. Each product is carefully selected to guarantee quality and flavour, making it the ideal gift for those who follow a ketogenic or low carb eating style or are attentive to their diet.

  1. Keto Low Carb Panettone : This artisanal panettone is a real revolution for the holidays: with only 1% sugar, it maintains its softness and traditional taste, adapting perfectly to a low carb diet.

  2. Low Carb Pasta : A 250g pack of low carb pasta, available in both short and long formats, to enjoy the pleasure of pasta without guilt.

  3. Ketogenic Vanilla Muffins : Two delicious vanilla muffins, soft and tasty, perfect for a breakfast or a sweet snack, compatible with a ketogenic diet.

  4. Ketogenic Hazelnut Spread with Collagen : An innovative product that combines the indulgent taste of hazelnut with the benefits of collagen, ideal for spreading on bread or as a sweet treat.

  5. Low Carb Gluten Free Lasagna Ready in 1 Minute : A practical and quick solution for enjoying a traditional Italian dish, suitable for those following a gluten-free and low carb diet.

  6. Ketogenic Pan Bauletto : A daily bread suitable for the ketogenic diet, perfect for accompanying meals or for preparing delicious sandwiches.

  7. Low Carb Pizza : Enjoy the pleasure of an exquisite and light pizza, compatible with a low carb and ketogenic diet.

  8. Vanilla and Lemon Ketogenic Biscuits : Crunchy and aromatic, these biscuits are ideal for a sweet break without compromising on your diet.

  9. Gluten-Free Chocolate-Covered Orange Biscuits : A combination of orange and chocolate in gluten-free biscuits, for a unique and irresistible flavour.

  10. Gluten-Free Chocolate-Covered Cocoa Cookies : For chocolate lovers, these gluten-free cookies offer a delicious and healthy experience.

The SoKeto "Santa Claus" Christmas Basket is the ideal option to celebrate with taste without sacrificing health and well-being.

It's a perfect gift to surprise and delight friends and family, or to treat yourself to a touch of luxury this holiday season.

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