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SoKeto - Be Keto Be Happy - Prodotti chetogenici e low carb

"ALL IN KETO TASTING BOX" Pasta, bread, pizza, desserts, Ketogenic Low Carb Protein

"ALL IN KETO TASTING BOX" Pasta, bread, pizza, desserts, Ketogenic Low Carb Protein

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This is a tasting kit, ideal for those who are curious and want to try all our Keto and Low Carb products, or simply for those who want to give a healthy and tasty gift!

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The Soketo Tasting Box ALL IN contains many different ketogenic and low carb products, some with gluten and others gluten-free with 0% sugar:

  • Keto Brioche (pack of 2 pcs x 50)
  • Keto brioches filled with cocoa cream (pack of 2 x 50)
  • Low Carb Rusks (pack of 2 pcs x 40gr)
  • Keto Vanilla and Lemon Cookies (3 pcsx40gr)
  • Ketogenic Pizza (180 gr)
  • SoKeto Ketogenic Bauletto Bread (250 gr)
  • Spaghetti Low Carb 500gr
  • Low Carb Fusilli (250 gr)
  • Low Carb Tagliatelle (250gr)
  • Low Carb Rice (250gr)
  • Ketogenic bread with sesame seeds for burgers (pack of 2 x 60 g)
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread Cream 300 gr
  • Piadina Keto Romagnola (pack of 2 pieces x 85 gr)
  • Keto breadcrumbs 250 gr
  • Pack of Gluten-Free Keto Products with 0% sugar consisting of: 1 pack of 30gr shortbread biscuits, 1 pack. of Cocoa Biscuits covered in chocolate with cocoa filling 40g, 1 pack. of orange biscuits covered in chocolate 40gr, 1 pack of breadsticks 30gr
Ketogenic products, 100% artisanal , only healthy and natural ingredients!
Our products are handcrafted , which is why the weight of each individual piece may have slight variations, what we respect is the overall weight of the package.
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